:: Legal Areas of Practice in Pakistan

ZAFAR & ASSOCIATES - LLP offers a wide range of legal services mainly Tax, Corporate Matters, Financial Affairs, Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation, precisely detailed below. Its partners are rated as the leading experts in their particular fields. We have a strong presence in Karachi, Lahore and with network of offices at Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Multan and Peshawar and this expansion has been made to render professional services close to our clients. In addition we have developed overseas links in USA, UK and other emerging markets of Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia. As a firm, we are set out to provide a total commitment to our clients’ needs and to do so in a way that is efficient, cost effective and most importantly relevant to the issues that they face. This is ZAFAR & ASSOCIATES - LLP with the emphasis on professionalism in the following fields:

Administrative Law
Aerospace & Aviation Law
Agency & Distributionship Law
Agricultural Produce & Market Committee Law
Alternative Dispute Resoultion
Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Private Money Lending
Arbitration Law
Asset Management Companies
Asset Protection & Management
Banking Company Registration & Regulation Law
Bank Recovery Law
Bankruptcy & Insolvency
Banking Malpractice
Bail Law & Practice
Benami Transaction Law
Branch & Liaison Office Registration
Bribe & Anti-Corruption Law
Business / Commercial Agreements & Contracts
Business Law
Business Visa & Work Permits
Cancellation & Rectification of Instruments
Cantonment Law
Child Adoption
Christian Marriage & Divorce
Civil & Criminal Litigation
Civil Marriage, Divorce & Khula
Civl Service Law
Commercial Law
Company Law
Company Secretarial Practice
Compansation & Damages
Competition Law
Constitutional Petitions
Construction Law
Consumer Protection Law
Contract Enforcement
Contract Law
Conveyancing & Pleadings
Copyright Law
Corporate Governance
Corporate Law
Customs Law
Cyber Law
Declaration & Possession
Defamation & Malicious Prosecution
Design Law
Domestic / Foreign Company Registration & Regulation Law
Domicile & Police Clearance Certificate
Drafting & Vetting of MOUs, Contracts and Field Policy Manuals
Drafting of Legal Compliance Manuals
Due Diligence Reports

Election Law
Employees Old Age Benefit Law
Employment Law
Energy Projects
Enforcement & Protection of Fundamental Rights
Environmental Protection Law
Equity Law
Execution of Foreign Awards & Court Decrees
Family Law
Foreign Exchange Regulations
Forensic Law & Examination
Franchising Law & Evaluation of Stores
Gifts & Exchange
Gratuity / Provident Fund Law & Practice
Guardians & Wards
Health Law
Hotel & Restaurant Law
Housing Law
Human Rights Law
Immigration & Emigration
Income & Sales Tax Law
Insurance Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Law / Conflict of Law
Investment Law
Islamic Law
Juvenile Protection & Justice
Labour Law
Land Acquisition Law
Law of Injunction
Leasing & Finance Law
Legalisation of Documents
Liquidation, Arrangement & Reconstruction of Companies
Lunancy Petitions
Manpower Companies
Medical Malpractice
Mental Health Law
Mercantila Law
Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
Monopolies & Restrictive Trade Practices
National Accountability Bureau (NAB)
Naturalisation & Citizenship
Negligence & Personal Injury
Negotiable Instrument Law
NGO / INGO Registration & Regulation Law
Oil & Gas Regulations

Partition of Property Law
Partnership Law
Patent Law
Payment of Wages Law
Payroll Outsourcing
Personal Defence Law
Power of Attorneys, General & Special
Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements
Pre-emption & Easement
Privatisation Law
Probate & Letter of Administration
Process Service
Professional Liability
Protection & Infringement Actions
Provincial Sales Tax on Services
Real Estate
Registration Law
Registration of Motor Vehicles / Aero-planes / Vessels
Rendition of Accounts
Rent Law
Revenue Law
Sales of Goods Law
Shops & Establishment Registration & Regulation Law
Social Security Law
Society Registration & Regulation Law
Succession Law
Termination & Dismissal
Taxation Law
Telecommunication Law
Tort Law
Trademarks Law
Transfer of Property Law
Transfer of Shares
Translation & Notarisation
Trsut Registration & Regulation Law
Video Conferencing Services
White Collar Crimes
Wills & Inheritance
Winding up of Companies
Women & Protection of Women Rights
Workmen Compensation Law
Zone Planning

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